Ocean Space Line Ltd

Our Accounting company, Ocean Space line ltd covers the sale and purchase for their last hand vessel acquisition, with ship breakers for demolition tonnage from worldwide sources. We trade with numerous ship owners and ship breaking house, worldwide. On the demolition front, we have negotiated and sold many scrap vessels to ship breakers, with whom we manage directly through our offices In addition to the above, we are trading a complete portfolio of services of need and want to diversify into shipping by acquiring tonnage cargo. These include: our data center in new building iso.


The propose of the compagny is:

1. Produce,acquire,develop,manage,let,lease,rent,broke,
sell or othervise dispose of any kind of goods,including but not restricted to real estate, intelectual property rights, ships; to contract.

2. To do any kind of investment,deal in futures.

3. To partcipate in other enterprises of any kind,to establish subsidiaries and branch offices and to liquidate any or all three of them.

4. To undertake every kind,financial,trading,service,lending and borrowing activity.

5. To act for awn account,for others and as a trustee.

6.To do all other things beneficial to the company/shipping, except banking,insurance,and re-insurance.

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